Enough kisses to last a lifetime

A few days ago for a moment,I thought "Kerry what are you doing? You push things to the wire sometimes. This time is no exception, by deciding to go to Melbourne to see an old friend before the wailing started has taken all your funds (few dollars) and you now find that your One Mind One Voice website is off the air because the registration has not been paid on time. "

I thought what's new? Would I do it again? The answer is simple.

Had I have waited for promised sponsorship to come through before I started The Wailing I may not have received this email below, or worse I may not have got to Melbourne...

Dear kerry,
We read your poem at the Alliance for New Humanity Board of directors. I opened the meeting on March 8th which took place in Italy, with your story and gave the text to an American Board member, Mrs. Valerie Jackson who read it with a lot of emotion. Everyone was really moved and it set the tone for our discussion. Thank you for what you are doing. I will read it again on the 16th.
Yours, Sarah Ozacky-Lazar

This and other emails I have received fill my heart with joy. It was the One Mind One Voice poem, written in 2002 that got me to meet all the wonderful people involved in the Alliance for the New Humanity, so it is fitting to know that again they are inspired by my Wailing poem. Thank you Sarah.

Also during that time through the Alliance I met via a phone call, Peter Okilo (IT Guru)now a member of my International Board who for the past six years has worked and I dare say gone without many thing to get his project - The Peoples World off the ground and where it now is - due for launching very soon. More about that next week...

The past few days this Granma from Downunder (Australia) has been doing some trials for his products and all I can say is. Thank you to Arsenio and Deepah Chopra and the rest of the Alliance for getting Peter to phone me all those years ago. I maybe poor - but boy am I wealthy. What he will launch will like it does to me, blow you all away and be of so much benefit for all of us.

Now if I can just find someone with a credit card to pay the registration fee before the 26th March as it's the only way they will take the payment - I will have the best of both world and I will have made it by the skin of my teeth... Peter do you want me to trial the debit card yet? :-)

I am sure some would be shaking their heads and thinking - when will she learn. They may understand if they know the reason why I choice one path over another...

I went to Melbourne to see Meryl who is 88, blind to the point of carrying a cane now painted white. But still a rebel who proudly flies the Euraka flag

Meryl was a friend of one of my mentors, Anita Arrons. Meryl and I became friend during the early Noosa Gallery days in the 80's and I saw her last when she traveled from Melbourne to see her old friend and hold her hand before she passed away.

Meryl had moved back to Melbourne to be closer to her family. I had been promising her I would go down to visit her and this was the first time since 2000, thats when I saw I could get a ticket from Cairns to Melbourne cheaper then one to Sydney where I was going to start The Wailing. I booked it, then when it was decided to start the wailing here on the Sunshine Coast - I did think of canceling my trip to Melbourne but me soul told me not to. I knew I couldn't do that to Meryl. So I canceled the trip to Sydney, lost a couple of airline tickets and had to buy a new one to get me back back here from Melbounre. Hence the decision to pay the domain registration fee or buy the ticket instead...

I arrived at Meryl's little unit and knocked on her door to no answer - she was expecting me. After knocking on the doors of the other units and the houses on both side where everyone was out. I sat on the little patio and thought how long do I wait to ring the police, seeing I couldn't get onto her son via the phone. Just as I was about to dial triple 0 (police) a car pulled up and a very frail Meryl emerged. It seems that during the night she had taken a turn and Richard her son had taken her to a doctor which took far more time then they thought. I am sure they would have suggested she go to hospital to run the tests, but knowing Meryl, she would have resisted that knowing I was visiting.

I promised Richard as he left, I would take care of her and we settle to have a cup of tea and I realised how bad her eyesight now was when she said she could tell I was wearing beige and white but my face was just a blur.

I realised how blind she now was, when while she rested I put labels on her spices, now written in two inch letters I proudly showed her and asked her "what is this spice?" She said " Sorry i still can't read it - but they look very pretty"

I knew how blind she was when I sat on her bed and read her some love letters from her first husband John. Hand written letters now very faded. Letters she had told me months before she couldn't read anymore and couldn't really ask her sons to read.

Letter that were written 60 years ago, one special one that she touches each night before she sleeps, so filled with love for his bride of eleven days, a letter that had kisses all around the edge as he wrote "enough kisses to last her till he returned".

So if anyone asks you why the One Mind One Voice website is not up at the moment tell them Kerry was busy making sure Meryl had enough kisses to do her a life time.

Have a good week, I will as I continue to follow my heart and soul and not let the lack of a few dollars stop things from happening. As the sounds of wailing reverberates around the world and Meryl sleeps soundly, I know I have done the right thing.

Love and hugs

disagreements with family and friends. But the important thing is to recognize this and work to stop it happening again and as you say forgive those who have upset or offended you, that is why Becky's promise is very special indeed. It's about recognizing our own faults and working to improve them first. I am also like Becky working on my many faults, so that I am a better person. I put her promise up and emailed her a link.